Common questions

QI’ve never done yoga before. Can I come to class?

AOf course it's okay.
We are open to all levels of practitioners from beginner to advanced.
Our classes are designed for all levels and we have many options available for beginners.
As a first step, we recommend you take class on the schedule with a beginner's symbol.

QWhat if I am not flexible, can I do yoga?

AIf you are not flexible or a little out of shape, you will experience some of the benefits from yoga very easily.
Our supportive and knowledgeable teachers will offer modifications and adjustments as needed to help you along the way.

QCan I practice during pregnancy?

AYes you can, but we recommend that you consult your doctor to have permission to practice Yoga.

QWhat should I wear?

AWear something comfortable that allows you to move freely.
We recommend breathable and flexible clothes, but no special outfit is required.

QWhat should I bring?

AYou should prepare comfortable clothes, a bottle of water, and a towel.
We will provide speciatly items (such as yoga mats, blocks, belts, blankets and bolseters) for use free of of charge.
If you prefer to use your own personal yoga mat, that is fine too!
No shoes are required as all of our classes should be practiced with bare feet.

QHow do I sign up for class?

AAs only a set number of participants can join each class, reservations are necessary.
At Yogavanna, all classes can be booked online.
You can sign up easily for any class via the reservation page.→reservation page

QDo I need to pay an initial enrollment fee or annual fee to join?

ATo acommodate a variety of schedules, our studio utilizes a ticket system.
After finding a class you are interested in, you only need to purchase a ticket to join.
No membership fees or annuals fees are required,

QHow do I pay for classes?

AAt this time, we do not accept credit card or e-payment. Please prepare cash for payment.

QIs it possible to visit the studio beforehand?

We will happily show you around the studio.
If you are not sure which class to take for the first time, let us know! We can support you in finding the best option available,Let's look for ways to fit in some fun and healthy daily cardio exercises that work for you.

QWhen are you closed?

AThere are no regular fixed holidays, except for a brief closure during winter and summer, to observe the Japanese New Year and Obon.
For further details about the specific closure dates, please check our website.

QHow early should I show up for my class?

ADoors open 20 minutes prior to the start of each class.
For your first visit, please aim to arrive approximately 15 minutes early.
This allows time to complete the participant consent form as well as a brief orientation before class begins.
If you have any last minute questions, please feel free to ask them before we begin!